Our Non-Profit Advocacy's Mission:
The NMSAO brings awareness to Members of Congress by highlighting the plight and increased numbers of abused and neglected military spouses and children. These individuals have been abandoned by their military spouse and/or parent. Through advocacy and advisory services, NMSAO plans and works to empower both military spouses and children by advocating for Justice and protection.
NMSAO is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

Do you know that Military Spouses and Children serve our nation as much as the Servicemember?

Do you know how many times the Military Spouses suffer and sacrifice through each relocation and deployment while serving the military, family, community,
faith based organizations, schools, at each new duty station?

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Do you know how many service members suffer from Mental Illness caused by relocations, deployments to War Zones resulting in Domestic Violence? Do you know that Mental Health Evaluations are optional and not mandatory for service members returning from war zones?

Can you guess how I am going to grow up healthy after what I witness?

Do you know how many times I have
been crippled
and silenced
abuse and abandonment?

Do you really know how many Military
Spouses and
are actually ABANDONED every day?


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"In God we trust, through God we serve."